Homeless Issues

There are a number of organisations that can help with homelessness issues. Here is some information on what to do:

  • Are you under 16 ?

    If you are under 16 contact your local children’s social care service at:

    Northgate House,
    HX1 1UN

    0845 245 6000

    Also see ChildLine website or call them on 0800 1111

  • Are you 16 or 17 ?

    If you are 16 or 17 years of age and Homeless please contact:

    [Shelter info / flowchart & localise it – awaiting information]

  • Are you 18 or over ?

    If you are 18 or over and homeless?


    18-20 The Square
    HX1 1RJ

    01422 392460


    Download the “Services for Homeless People” directory.

Calderdale Council

Discretionary Housing Payment: The Council can assist Housing and Council Tax Benefit claimants whose entitlement to benefit does not meet the full cost of their rent and/or council tax, A full financial assessment is undertaken to determine entitlement to DHP.

Referral info: none

Benefits Assessment Unit, Princess Buildings, Halifax, HX1 1TP



Calderdale Council

Handyperson Service: Cost to applicant of material and labour charge. IRO means tested benefit £10/hour otherwise £25/hour. Job less than 30 minutes charge for labour £5.00.

Referral info: via Doorways


0845 245 6000

Recovery Steps

Bond Payment for single substance misusers: This used to be managed by CSMS. Recovery Steps is the new service for substance misuse. At the time of updating this page, it unclear if the bond payment will be managed by Recovery Steps.
(Old Information said: Only referrals from key worker at CSMS accepted.  Can pay bond into deposit protection service.  Max award £350.  nature of client group means that bond is rarely refunded as required to meet arrears / damage.  RIA not part of the scheme, support workers will negotiate with L/L to waive RIA providing HB paid direct).

Referral info: via Doorways + CSMS


 0845 245 6000

Calderdale Citizens Advice Bureau

Advice: Free, impartial information covering benefits, consumer, debt & money, housing, tax, work and other issues – see www.adviceguide.org.uk

Referral info: n/a


 01422 842 848

Calderdale Youth Services

No grant funding: Council funded, provides 1-1 advice and includes housing advice for 12-16 year olds.

Referral info: none

 Julia Brannigan

 01422 320033

Brunswick Centre

Run in conjunction with Sadeh Lok Housing Group. Provides shrt term accomodation for homeless. Stay can be from 6 months to 18 months. Support worker assigned to work with individual to look to obtaining permanent housing solution.

Referral info: none

 John Mackernaghan

 01484 341764

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)

Bond Guarantee / Rent in Advance: Support for former armed services personnel with paying bond for up to 3 months rent in advance.

Referral Info: Open to those with past or present connection to the armed forces.

 Lester Edon

 0113 244 9254



Bond Guarantee: Full assessment undertaken on referred client, can underwrite a bond to help move into private rented accommodation or refer onto social landlord.

Referral info: none

 Julie Stocks, 9 Portland Place, Halifax

 01422 361515