Drugs and Alcohol

There are a number of organisations that can help with drug and alcohol issues:
This information is taken from the Calderdale in Recovery website.

Al-Anon Family Groups

Description: The message of Al-Anon is one of hope. It is the shared experiences of men, women and children who once felt helpless, lost and lonely because of another’s alcoholism.  Today these men, women and children have courage and confidence. They have found understanding friends. They have learned what to do to help themselves and this can indirectly help their alcoholic relatives, loved ones and friends. We realise that there are times when in challenging circumstances specialised support is necessary from mental health, spiritual or legal advisors, we learn courage and confidence to help us approach these services so a combined approach helps with finding stability.

Referral info: none

 Meetings take place at:The Basement Recovery Project, 10 Carlton Street, Halifax, HX1 2AL

 020 7403 0888 (main help line)

Alpha House

Description: Alpha House Calderdale offers a resettlement Scheme for prison leavers and those with a history of substance misuse and offending. We also provide a service for those with a history of mental health issues. We do not provide an easy option and residents are expected to be serious about their recovery and rehabilitation towards independence and an industrious lifestyle.

Referral info: none

 Meetings take place at: 22 Clare Rd, Halifax HX1 2HX

  01422 346289

Basement Recovery Project

Description:  TBRP specialises in helping people attain abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Through our unique Addiction Recovery Programme , we look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction in order for you to understand more about the nature of this illness. With this understanding you will be able to manage a life free from drugs and alcohol and all the negative consequences that go with it. Our programme is for those people who are sick and tired of living an addicts life.

Referral info: Self referral

 Basement House, 10 Carlton Street, Halifax, HX1 2AL

 01422 383063

Calderdale Recovery Steps

Description:  We work together to bring a holistic approach to helping individuals, and their friends and families, who suffer the consequences of alcohol and/or drug misuse to change their lives around, free from the need or desire to use any mind altering substance.

Referral info: Self referral

 Basement House, 10 Carlton Street, Halifax, HX1 2AL

 01422 415550

Branching Out

Description: Branching Out is a confidential service for all young people under 21 in Calderdale who are using or at risk of using alcohol, drug and tobacco. We work with young people at any level, including standalone smoking cessation services for under 18’s.

Referral info: Self referral

 Branching Out, St. John’s House, 2 St. John’s Lane, Halifax, HX1 2JD

 01422 415550 – Option 2

Project Colt

Description:  We are a drug and alcohol services charity with a household goods and recycling social enterprise.  Our aims are to provide support for individuals to live healthy addiction free lifestyles.

Referral info: Self referral

 Project Colt, Bridgefield Mills, Elland, Elland Bridge, HX5 0SG

 01422 377176